De Ziua Națională, E.S. SERGEY MINASYAN, ambasadorul Armeniei la București, declară că: „avansul considerabil al relațiilor româno-armene, într-o serie întreagă de domenii, a adus în acest an națiunile noastre mult mai aproape.”

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On September 21, the Republic of Armenia celebrates the 28th
anniversary of its independence. During this important year in the
history of our statehood, Armenia formed a new government based on the
first free and democratic parliamentary election held after the Velvet
Revolution in spring 2018. From its first days, the new government
became involved in radical reforms of its politics, economics and
judiciary, with special emphasis on relentless anti-corruption measures
that will pave the way to Armenia’s development in the new realities.

government’s priorities include expanding ties to partners in the
international realm. Emphasizing the reinforcement of our ties to the
Armenian Diaspora, we invariably prioritize the role of the Armenian
state and its institutions in all our interactions with the various
institutions of Armenian communities worldwide.

Against this
background, our ties to Romania have special meaning. The first country
to establish diplomatic ties to the Republic of Armenia on December 17,
1991, Romania hosts one of Europe’s oldest Armenian communities that
boasts a rich heritage and an active input into Romania’s development. 
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Union of Armenians of
Romania, a body set up in 1919, with the knowledge of the Romanian
government, in order to provide aid to Armenian refugees fleeing the
1915 Genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. Romania thereby became
one of the first countries in the world to offer state-sanctioned
support to Armenian Genocide survivors, many of whom laid the
foundations of Romania’s present-day Armenian community. At present, the
UAR effectively creates a bridge between our two countries, and we are
delighted to join the Armenians of Romania in the celebrations of the
union’s centennial.

Given Romania’s dynamic involvement within
many regional and internationals platforms, especially as one of the
active EU member countries in our region, we attach great importance to
Romania’s balanced approach during the recent years toward the peaceful
and sustainable settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict under the
auspices of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairmanship.

The considerable
advancement in Romanian-Armenian ties in a whole range of spheres that
marked this year brought our nations even closer together, sometimes
literally. On April 3, 2019, our joint efforts culminated in the opening
of the first direct flight linking Bucharest to Yerevan, operated by
TAROM, Romania’s national airline. Concurrently to this event, our
Ministries for Foreign Affairs, for the first time after a long break,
held a round of political consultations on the level of Deputy Ministers
Dan Nicolaescu and Avet Adonts. Another activity timed to coincide with
the opening of the flight was a visit to Armenia and a series of
meetings with Armenia’s political leadership by Varujan Vosganian, the
Romanian co-chair of the Romania-Armenia Parliamentary Friendship Group
and President of the UAR. In June, his visit was reciprocated by Anush
Begloian, the Armenian co-chair of the Parliamentary Friendship Group,
who traveled to Romania and met with members of its parliament.

are looking forward to new meetings and visits of our officials that
should give a new impetus to the intensification of our bilateral
cooperation in the fields of political dialogue, parliamentary
diplomacy, cultural cooperation, educational and academic ties. Our
joint efforts to ensure the sustainability of the Yerevan-Bucharest
flight can open new windows of opportunity for economic cooperation,
tourism and people-to-people contacts.

I am confident that Armenia and Romania will do everything they can to deepen our ties, based on both our nations’ interests and priorities.

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