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A apărut versiunea în limba engleză a romanului Cartea șoaptelor cu titlul „The Book of Whispers”

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Recent a apărut, la prestigioasa editură americană Yale University Press, versiunea engleză a romanului Cartea șoaptelor. Romanul, cu titlul „The Book of Whispers” a apărut în seria Margellos Republic of Letters, ce publică lucrări canonice de literatură și filosofie care necesită traduceri noi, precum și autori importanți contemporani a căror lucrari nu au fost încă traduse în limba engleză. Versiunea în limba engleză a fost realizată de Alistair Ian Blyth.

Iată un extras din prezentarea editorului: „Romanul Cartea șoaptelor a devenit un fenomen internațional”. 

A harrowing account of the Armenian Genocide documented through the stories of those who managed to survive and descendants who refuse to forget

The grandchild of Armenians who escaped widespread massacres during the Ottoman Empire a century ago, Varujan Vosganian grew up in Romania hearing firsthand accounts of those who had witnessed horrific killings, burned villages, and massive deportations. In this moving chronicle of the Armenian people’s almost unimaginable tragedy, the author transforms true events into a work of fiction firmly grounded in survivor testimonies and historical documentation.
Across Syrian desert refugee camps, Russian tundra, and Romanian villages, the book chronicles individual lives destroyed by ideological and authoritarian oppression. But this novel tells an even wider human story. Evocative of all the great sufferings that afflicted the twentieth century—world wars, concentration camps, common graves, statelessness, and others—this book belongs to all peoples whose voices have been lost. Hailed for its documentary value and sensitive authenticity, Vosganian’s work has become an international phenomenon.

Varujan Vosganian is a Romanian author and Prime-Vice President of the Union of Writers in Romania. He has been a member of Parliament since 1990 and was Minister of Economy and Finance. The Book of Whispers has been translated into more than twenty languages; it is his first translation into English. Alistair Ian Blyth is a British translator of Romanian, French, and Latin.