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The Armenian Government Lets Very Ill Citizens Die

  While the Armenian inner political atmosphere has suffered some changes in recent months due to the struggle of power, the Armenian health system still remains with its drawbacks and big questions in spite of doctors’ qualifications abroad that coming back to Armenia do not change a lot in terms of ill patient-doctor-payment relationship. This […]

PRESS RELEASE: Memory of Loss Against the Loss of Memory

Raphael Lemkin, the famous Polish-Jewish lawyer who dedicated his life to the study of large-scale violence against peoples and initiated the Genocide Convention, coined the term “Genocide” in connection to the Holocaust and extensively used it afterwards with regard to the great tragedy experienced by Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. Indeed, one hundred and three […]

Technology is changing, but the basics of photography remain the same. Karen Chakhalyan

  By Elena Chobanyan Armenian Journalist, TV Host     “Armenian photographers need many things to be happy. For instance, free time, social, favorable conditions and good devices. They do not have to be overloaded with everyday concerns or other issues in order to do a good job and create. Every psychological state can influence […]

THE PAST AND FUTURE OF THE USA US-Russian Relationship / by Elena Chobanian

    Fragments from the Master’s Thesis written by Elena Chobanian, MA in International Relations (UAM). Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Master Paper (149 pages) Supervised by Prof. UAM dr hab Łukasz Donaj, 2017. *As it is impossible to place the whole scientific paper in the magazine, we present […]

When a Hobby Transforms Into Profession / A&M Gregor Photography

    By Elena Chobanian, Television Host and Journalist “Natural light is the most important thing in photography,” – says photographer Marcin Gregor. Ararat Magazine presents photographer Marcin Gregor’s exclusive interview and several works of the A&M Gregor Photography.   Marcin Gregor considers photography more as a hobby, although it is profession as well. After […]

An Incomprehensible World in an Inconceivable Mind

By Elena Chobanian Television Host, Radio Editor-in-Chief   One more year is coming to its end. Some tried to realize their dreams during those 12 months, others have just lived with simple, already familiarized rules and behaviour in a system where is hard to get know each other well, even ourselves due to the norms […]

Armenia celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Independence Day with young musicians / By Elena Chobanian

    Yes, the anniversary of Armenian’s Independence Day began at Karen Demirchyan Yerevan Sports and Concert Complex with one thousand and one hundred musicians both from Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, taking part in the concert “Generation of Independence.” “If I say I am happy, it would not express my whole feeling right now. I am […]


    By Elena Chobanian, Journalist, Radio Editor-in-Chief, TV/Radio Presenter       “Democratization is an evolving process and one which adapts to specific circumstances. The exact form of democracy can therefore differ, but it has three central principles: non-violence, popular control and political equality.” (Archibugi) Congresses, meetings and forums of democracy (as The World Forum […]


  by Elena Chobanian Journalist, Presenter, Editor-in-Chief Correspondent at “Ararat” Magazine   The more European Union (EU) has become bigger, the more EU Parliamentary elections reduced in turnout – the total number of valid votes as a proportion of the total electorate. The first direct elections, which took place in 1979, are a proof of […]

“New Names” and Talented Kids

  Not only adults, but also kids can fight for their success. Recently, took place the opening of the 6th International Festival of Young Performers “New Names” ceremony at the Komitas Chamber. The International Festival of Young Performers brings together talented young people, allowing them to present their skills, identify talent, and most importantly, a […]

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