“Money should not be a condition to achieve quality” – Interview with Anna Tigranyan

It is enough to take a brush, colors to get whatever we want regardless of age, talent or skills. But.. professionalism and art must interact with the taste, also with some tricks, says make-up artist Anna Tigranyan.


Why make-up and not other specialty?

Since make-up as a profession has a long story. It is my passion. In order to be beautiful, women have always applied to make-up and colors. I have been interested in this field since I was a child, especially taking into account the possibility of turning people, their character, appearance, at the same time highlighting their beauty. Hence, like any woman, I wanted to master all secrets of this profession.

What news are there in the make-up world today, especially in Armenia?

Starting from 2018 there will be fashionable, for instance, the NUDE style. It is also important to choose the right face cream to make the skin smoother and shiny. This is the reason why glossy shades and lipsticks are very widespread today.

What is missing in Armenian make-up artists’ life? Perhaps they need more money in order to buy new equipment, products, or maybe to acquire new skills? Or they have everything?

As in many countries, here is necessary to give more freedom and sincerity to creativity. After all, makeup is also a form of art that gives the opportunity to accentuate the beauty of women, giving them confidence and the feeling of being loved. Talent is necessary in any field, but it is wiser to give more importance to the desire to master and practice in the chosen profession to succeed.

Although there is no perfection. …How effective is it to be equally engaged in makeup and another job at the same time?

It is reasonable for a person to work in the field which he/she likes the most. If you are able to deal with two areas simultaneously and be successful, it would be excellent. However, if you do something that harms one another, it is good to focus on one profession.

You collaborate with well-known people in Armenia. Have you ever felt the difference between professional and amateur models/clients?

Yes, I have. Professional clients, especially in the field of art and culture, are more informed and they know exactly what character they want to be/adopt, which makes my work easier. Those customers who are not informed about what make-up means, are more capricious and they have no idea what they want.

Do you agree with the idea of ​​“the more money, the more quality”?

Definitely not. The quality of work cannot depend on money, at least in my case. Of course, any specialist wants his/her work to be appreciated financially, but money should not be a condition for quality in what you do.

It is interesting, how can we be certain which make-up product/brand is quality and does not harm our skin? Does the price determine the quality, or the price is solely related to the brand name and advertising?

There are a number of brands that I like. In fact, from their ingredients we can figure out their quality. Nevertheless,  it is more important to have more information about the quality of our own skin, because each type of skin requires a specific approach and care. Being aware of that, we can select the appropriate mark easily. As for the color, I prefer more expensive and professional brands, since my experience of many years has shown me that any brand becomes more popular when it meets all requirements of the customer.



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