Technology is changing, but the basics of photography remain the same. Karen Chakhalyan


By Elena Chobanyan

Armenian Journalist, TV Host



Armenian photographers need many things to be happy. For instance, free time, social, favorable conditions and good devices. They do not have to be overloaded with everyday concerns or other issues in order to do a good job and create. Every psychological state can influence the result of photography”, – said photographer Karen Chakhalyan.



If people’s taste is different, how can we estimate whether a photo is beautiful or not? The practice shows that each person, even photographers, can choose one perticular photo, others may prefer another photo of the same person or object, refusing the photographer’s preferences. The same can apply to the situation when a photographer acquires an extraordinary reputation, while the work of another professional photographer is not even appreciated. Which is the reason?

– Everyone’s taste is different, the audience is different as well. People prefer an image that is closer to their emotional state. One prefers sea, lake, landscapes or other abstract images. Regarding the reputation of photographers, here the key is the audience. If it is great, the name of photographer will be more popular, and his work will be appreciated, but it does not mean that others with small audience will lack of quality.

What innovations do you have in the field of today’s photography? It is said that today in this kind of art you won’t surprise anyone, since the techniques and technology have evolved so much that anyone can get extraordinary results in this field.

– The technology can develop and change, but the basics of photography will remain the same. A good device can not find good light or shade, and can not build a composition without a skilled hand. The technology is only capable of facilitating the work of the photographer. Let’s assume that you have a quick clarity in an automated way, but you can not build a composition. Therefore, an experienced and skilled photographer will remain in his/her quality position and will be required by the company at any time, regardless of the technical capabilities.

– In an interview with „Ararat” once you’ve said that the quality of Armenian photographers is not so high. Do you think the same now?

– Armenia is not left behind from this point of view. I do not want to compare photographers in the world, but there are works by Armenian photographers who have been truly appreciated and will be valued around the world. Each country has its own quality, but here the role of the country’s publicity, PR, is more important. For example, the Grand Canyon in the US has a great popularity and demand. In Armenia Halidzor, or the path leading to Tatev Monastery are not so popular in the world, although it is beautiful as nature than the clay-colored Canyon. Therefore, even if one photo is extraordinary, it will not bring much reputation to photographer, as the Canyon or volcanic mountains in Hawaii and the Sevan Lake peninsula will. The whole problem lies in well-known and commercialized places (e.g. the photos of the beautiful Masis Mount are more demanded worldwide and belong to Armenian photographers, since only they will be able to create such images at the right time, better than tourists visiting Armenia for a few days).

– Can a photographer be involved in all kinds of photography in an equal way, or even in other professions at the same time, and having success?

 – Of course, only if his knowledge satisfies that field. Any photographer can get magnificent images in any genre. If the photographer is competent, he or she will know how to build a frame and composition in light and shade. It will not be difficult for him/her to build a light-emitting image, or to place the pattern, object in an environment of nature, following the light and shadow rule.

– Have you ever felt the work with professional and amateur models? In what way?

– The patterns are very different. There are many experienced people who work with the camera, and there are people who get bored, and do not even imagine what the result will be. Therefore, many depend on the photographer, the way he works and his patience, the ability to communicate, etc. Hence, there are professional skills that can help in the job.

– Planned or improvised photo sessions?

– Both can be good. In the planned shootings, many things turn into improvisation. In photography, any idea can come to mind and realize at any moment. And it is not excluded that an improvised image could become the most sophisticated photo.

– The last question, do you agree with the idea “ the more money, the better quality “?

– The financial side can play an important role and create opportunities. For example, to move from one place to another and to buy certain equipment you need money. Finance can open many closed doors in this capitalistic system. Let’s suppose that you want to create a quality and interesting photo/image. To realize this you have to wait for a good weather on a mountain, you will also need a convenient transportation, batteries, food, time and the possibility to go to the same place till the weather is satisfactory, and so on.  Thus, photographers do need finance to create masterpieces.





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