An Incomprehensible World in an Inconceivable Mind


By Elena Chobanian

Television Host, Radio Editor-in-Chief


One more year is coming to its end. Some tried to realize their dreams during those 12 months, others have just lived with simple, already familiarized rules and behaviour in a system where is hard to get know each other well, even ourselves due to the norms and stereotypes on which we depend so badly. We might think that only we are the best who can own the outlandish world forcing others to think and behave the way we think and act. We often prefer to blame others for our simplicity, narrow thinking and subjectiveness from which it is so hard to separate rather then to try to change ourselves. Perhaps.. because of the fear that we may suddenly appear in an unknown place, without being able to protect our Ego, or even the instinctive life which we seem to possess.

It might be understandable that it’s quite difficult to change the way of thinking and adapted conduct, saying goodbye to the comfort zone which is feeded with rooted and repeated steorotypes with which someone else’s behavior must correspond unconditionally. Otherwise, that someone else will be labeled and over criticized, since our inner honorable Majesty won’t allow to step along with them equally and since we fear of adopting new behavior and getting rid of the mentality with which we have been conducting for so many years, to not letting the upper levels to change the domination rules, with exception for those small number of rebbels who do not want to carry out in the created frame of so-called normality. In an incomprehensible world  where is easier to claim and blame others when we do not understand their „unusual” attitude through our spectrum of normality and basic five senses, due to the established frames by a higher society and eagerly absorbed by us. Therefore, we get bored and try to wage a conflict or, in a worst case, a war, demeaning and disgracing some one else due to our irational but rationalized interests,.. instead of trying to make just one tiny step farward, and take a look over own „glasses.”

Thus, if we desire to live in a continuously developing place, we must try to collaborate, and admit that the world in which we live as travelers is quite diverse and multilevel. Otherwise, no ideology such as democracy, equality, or liberty will help to avoid various clashes. Hence, one cannot solve the issues with the same level of thinking he/she used when created them.

Wish you a balanced year! 


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