2015 will be a great year, if it gets love from us

2014 is coming to an end by opening its doors to the 2015 year. For some people, 2014 was full of achievements and a lovely year, for others not so much, but one thing is for sure: if we greet the upcoming year, that itself would be a big success.

What do well-known Armenians and others think?

Pambuccian--In-Romania-se-depun-eforturi-supranaturale-ca-sa-nu-se-intample-nimic----font-color--red--Interviu--font-Varujan Pambucchyan Armenian Romanian Politician, Mathematician and Computer scientist.

I wish that in upcoming years we could become a little wiser. That means many things, and maybe that’s why it’s a difficult achievable desire. It means more intelligence, but more sensitivity as well. That means more vision and more experience with joy of the moment, a kind of equilibrium in which people feel good about themselves and can enjoy with each other. If this happens a little bit in every one of us, we will have better years.

Marco Khan Hollywood (California) Armenian Actor.

„My dear Armenian brothers and sisters. Wanted to wish all of the Armenians in Armenia, Karabakh and Marco-Khan1around the World a very Happy 2015 and Merry Christmas. I wish you all
health, prosperity, happiness and peace. May our beloved country become stronger, healthier and wealthier. Love and peace to all my Armenians all over.”






10303372_638051286281503_4806397848028361813_nAnahit Harutyunyan – Rector of the „HAYBUSAK” Yerevan University.

„We expect from the New Year fulfilled dreams, success and peace. We are expecting fantastic miracles and believe that the New Year can give all that. Yes, it can, but.. by our own efforts, actions and work. May this year get from people infinite kindness, love and caring. I am sure it will be a wonderful year and each one will receive his share of “miracle”. The goodness with you, people!”


MarkDietzen-1024x682Mark Dietzen International affairs analyst and consultant.

“In 2015, I hope that President Obama will reaffirm United States leadership on human rights and genocide prevention by officially recognizing the Armenian Genocide.”

Ani Christy Armenian singer.

„I think the most important thing, after health, is the spiritual comfort that keeps human being in harmony with himself and his/her surroundings. When one begins to know himself over the years, an untold comfort can be visible not only on his appearance, but also inside him. I wish that every person could find his true “Ego” in upcoming New Year and all the next years. I wish to everyone to love and to be loved, to appreciate what they have and be happy with every opening New Year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”








Igor Anisimov Translator, President of the Armenian Romanian Commercial and Industrial

10351063_381344425354843_7215176403431308523_nAssociation, General Manager of the Diamond House Hotel.

I have a great pleasure to address my Christmas wishes to the readers of the Araratonline magazine and my friends. The celebrations, Christmas and the New Year are approaching as well, which is the favorite celebration of every one. It symbolizes not only the continuity and strength of the national traditions, but a threshold for new changes as well. Not for nothing at the end of the year we make a balance of accomplishments and future plans. Remembering the sad and happy moments of the passing year, we look forward to fulfilling our desires. I wish that the upcoming year would make our dreams and hopes come true.


Johnny G. Melikyan Political scientist, Research Fellow at the Center for Regional Studies, Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia.

“This year will remain in the history as a year of challenge, crisis and war. Having our conflict with Azerbaijan and bad relations with Turkey we should
concentrate on our development and prosperity. We need to be strong to survive in our Region. I want to wish all of Armenians and our peaceful neighbors a lot of success, happiness and prosperity in upcoming 2015.”




TV Project







Elena Chobanyan – Journalist, TV and Radio Presenter, Editor-in-Chief of radio, member of SPYC at the External Affairs Department.

Before demanding from others, just stop for a moment and ask to ourselves what did we do in 2014? Only that time we can understand if the passing year had been fair to us or not. If not, then 2015 will provide an opportunity to correct our mistakes and will open the doors to ascensions to those who appreciate the present. May in upcoming year the leaders, who want war, slow down and realize that life is just once. It must be lived.

Tigran Shadunts – President of “Serund Pan-Armenian Youth Center”, “United Nations Global Partnership for Youth Network” Representative in Armenia.


We are the biggest youth generation in the history of the world. If you have made a sky castle, don`t destroy it, but make the basis and the road to that castle. The castle is our dreams, the road is our objectives, but the will making us to move forward! It`s up to us to make impossible Possible.



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