The communication between two sexes neutralizes each other The sociologist Arthur Atanesyan about the gender issues


Since the beginning of the mankind, when our ancestors thought more about survival, the men thanks to their physical strength protected their tribes, families against the enemy, leaving the women to deal with raising children, cooking and other household tasks. However, according to the anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss, the primitive man let the woman go forward as a sign of respect, to protect him from a possible attack by the beasts from the cave. This means before women were physically strong and had the instinct to protect  men.

Our conversation with the Head of Applied Sociology of  Yerevan State University, Arthur Atanesyan, was exactly about so controversial theme called gender*.


–          Mr. Atanesyan, the woman and man are equal?

They have never been equal and there is no clear establishment of who to whom is superior. I believe the gender conflict has always existed. But if there is a struggle between them, it means they are equal, because only equal people struggle with each other.

–          Do men allow women to grow socially?


Nobody forbids a woman to become president or to rise on the social ladder. Women decide what to do in their life. There is no mechanism for prohibiting or stereotypes which impose them even in family. If a woman doesn’t involve in politics it’s just because she has other things to do, which in fact are difficult. Women are able to become whatever they want, since as we know from the history there were many heroic women in the world.

–           What is the current social status of women in our country?

High. She has earned that right by her own effort, work and wisdom. But, unfortunately, today she has mixed functions and sometimes you do not even know whether she is a female or male.., which really makes harder to communicate with her. The childbirth has remained the only function which distinguishes her from a man.

–          What about the social status of a man?

In Armenia, for example, people still have expectations from men (especially from the financial standpoint). But currently there is a lack of men. And the main reason of that are the mothers when a boy doesn’t become a man.

–                 In many philosophers’, ancient writers’ opinion, the woman is a secondary, unimportant creature in this man’s world. She is only needed for the perpetuation of the species. Sounds somehow offensive, what do you think?

Let’s not forget there were philosophers who claimed that a woman is the sense of life. As I mentioned before,  no one forces women to have a secondary role. They choose it! I am sure they can and have to become the only member of society, expelling the men from all the spheres of activity.

–          But it may be very risky..

I don’t think so. Women have to become everything they wish in order they could understand that it is not the right path and come back to their previous role (smiles). In another words, the equality cannot be obliged by anyone, since she has the freedom to think and express herself. Important is to not lie both her and others.

–          How should be the ideal roles between two sexes?

There is nothing ideal in this world. I just would advice men to communicate more with women and vice versa. Because the groups, gathering of men and women are a source of aggression. The communication between two sexes neutralizes reciprocally exhausting the negative energy.

–          How can we correct this way of thinking?

Parents must take the first step. They shouldn’t hide their feelings from their children. The media also has a lot to do in this respect. And the belief that the only solution of this inner conflict depends on the permanent concession of a single party is also a stereotype. In reality, the peace between two equal persons is more stable.

Elena Chobanyan


* The gender issues refer to the equality (social, legal, etc..) between men and women,  which resulted the concept, theoretical doctrine and action called feminism, claiming the fight against the gender inequality, promoting women’s  affirmation in society by improving and expanding her role and rights. The doctrine emerged in the late ’80s and early ’90s argues that state policies and institutions have an impact on gender relations. The first feminist movement targeted legislative changes through the campaigns to voting rights, property, legalization of abortion, legislation for the equal opportunities in employment, access to social protection, etc. The rights they have earned women go as “natural acquisition” of the democracy evolution and not as a direct result of the feminist movement.


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