Genius is a controlled madman. Arman Hostikyan about his beautiful creations.



 The talented Armenian artist, Arman Hostikyan, was born in 1969 in Yerevan (Republic of Armenia). Started working at 15 years old as apprentice blacksmith at restoration workshops of Armenian government. At the age of 20 he launched his own business, and in 1992 he moved to Sochi (Russia). Now he creates metal art for customers and for personal exhibitions. Over 30 years of forging iron he has made hundreds of works, about which we’ll find out right now.

            Mr. Hostikyan, I am amazed at your creations and talent!

Thank you, but I believe talent is mostly hard work and patience.

            ..And what the mother Nature gives you. Why are you working only with iron?

What I do it calls metal sculpture. I try to set iron from low material level to high, like jewelry or marble. Usually iron is perceived as low material.

Is that easier to work with?

Like one cannot make something precious from it, iron is the hardest metal, material in work. I just use paint to dye iron. Anyway, I believe material isn’t important. The main thing is what’s in your head. There is a quote: “Always choose the hardest way, you’ll see no competition on it”.


When and why have you decided to start to create those beautiful things? Tell me a little about the beginning of your work.

I was 15 years old when by accident I got into a blacksmith’s place in the town of Ashtarak. When I first saw how iron is forged, at that moment I felt a wild desire to make things out of burning iron.

            Over these 28-30 years have you ever felt difficulties in your work or boredom?

Difficulties every day, but boredom – never!

            What kind of difficulties do you usually confront with?

Of creative kind, like you got one million options, but you have to choose just one of them.  First of all, working is very hard physically, but physical hardships are almost nothing. I’m very self-critical tending to perfection and only a little percentage of my works I approve of..


           Do you consider yourself an enigmatic person?

I’d say I got a lot of inner energy, but have to moderate it.


So that I wouldn’t lose my mind. Genius is a controlled madman. A psycho who’s still able to control himself (smiles).


 What does inspire you?

Music, while I’m working on a piece.

 What types?

As I seek perfection, I listen to the “Yello”, “The Doors” soundtracks for Tarantino’s movies, Russian band “Splin”, etc.

             Do you work to live or you live to work?

To live or work.. I never divide them. Better “choose something you love doing and you won’t work a single day”, because it’s so much bigger than a work. And such work is, actually, life.

            Do you have a rebel part in you, because those who tend to perfection are somehow rebels..

I’m all rebel.

You are Gemini, but you have the Scorpio’s energy.

Maybe you’re right..

            How do you start to work on your creation? What do you usually begin with?

I just grab another piece of iron, that’s where my creation starts.

            And where does it end?

I don’t think there is one work that I have finished it completely.

          I noticed the mask symbol (“Mask of Winter Queen”, inspired by Michael Whelan’s famous painting) is often used by you. What’s it mean to you or hide behind it? Can you reveal the “secret”?

It hides what should be hidden. A part of me that I tend to hide.

 Because you don’t want to be revealed by others or it’s just a trick of Art?

I’m much more open in my works than in life. If you look at them you can see much more of me than if you look at Arman.


Before creating something do you look through the history of the respective objects?

I do that at nights, as it effects on my work.

As every human being you must have some sad moments. How do you get rid of that state?

I adore that state. I wish I had more moments of sadness, it’s fruitful. When one is alone and sad, he/she is honest and vulnerable, which is the right point to start making something beautiful and useful.

Does that state continue after work as well?

When I finish my work sadness transforms into emptiness, a desert inside of me. Then next piece starts. However, I never cease to be happy.

         Real paradox! Is there something you would like to change in the world, your life or.. in Culture/Art? Tell it in three words.

Commies used to say: reason, honor and consciousness.


 Have you ever received offers from abroad?

Some of my works went to private collections abroad, such as Singapore, San Marino, Cyprus, India, India, Italy. Alas, many works cannot be displayed, since those are in private collections and can’t be shown or even photographed according to the contracts. As I’m a member of ABANA (Artist Blacksmith’s Association of North America), this autumn their Anvil’s Ring magazine will have a big publication with my works. So, I’m open for interesting offers, even though I have a queue of customers here and a busy schedule.

 What plans, new projects are on the way?

Soon I’ll finish a wall sculpture for duchess von Habsburg. This autumn I’ll start a big project – 9 chandeliers for Etchmiadzin (Mayr Tachar), a gift to Garegin II and Apostolic church. It’ll be seen in Etchmiadzin by many Armenians and foreign tourists. And maybe I’ll visit someday my own country, Armenia.


            Elena Chobanyan

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