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The Armenian radio host/presenter, actor and translator, Sargis Nadjaryan,was born on 12 July, in 1950, Yerevan, Armenia. In 1967-1973 he studied at the Faculty of Philology, the Department of English, of the University after ˝ V. Brusov ˝ in Yerevan and acting school at the Faculty of the Theatre of the Art University in Moscow. In 1973 he was invited to present the programs “Panorama”, In the world of the movie”, “Once upon a time”, ˝ The Man and Law ” at the Armenia’s National Television. He has been working for many years at the Public Radio of Armenia as an editor-producer of programs. Since 1986 he presented literary and entertainment programs at the Armenian radio stations, such as “Before Midnight,” “The night is sweet”, and in1993 he starred in the ˝Aram Khachatryan˝‘s film. In 2002 he received the Catholicos of all Armenians gratitude for the services rendered in the religious worldand in 1993received the silver medal ˝Catholicos Vazgen I˝. In 2005 he was recognized as ˝the bestradio host of the year”, and in 2006 he was awarded the title of the Armenian Honored Artist. S. Nadjaryan starred in the movie “Temple” and presenting “Nemesis”. He also launched numerous Armenian fairy tales, CDs and videos with his speech, voice record, and in 2009 there were published CDs with the compositions of the poem Narekatsi’s “Book Tragedy”, Armenian poets P. Sevak, H. Thumanyan, H . Sahyan and V. Teryan.


Noticing S. Nadjaryan’s abundant professional life we asked him to share his thoughts with us.


            Dear Mr. Nadjaryan, in what state is today’s Armenian radio?


Like in every country, the Armenian radio has both good and bad sides. Our radio’s drawback is that it doesn’t do its mission, duty and it chose an easier way: emitting more music and less useful and verified information, generally based on the internet. The internet is a great source of getting information, but that information can be incorrect.


Do you think the radio would survive for the rest of our lives?


It will continue its path for a long time, but only with a changed quality. The radio gradually gets disqualified because of the less information. But, thanks God, the Armenian Public Radio still contributes to the preservation of the native language, traditions and culture.


Which version of the radio program do you prefer: the direct or edited?


The direct one of course, since the radio host, presenter must be educated and ready at any moment to discuss with various specialists. Today many prefer to make radio programs with the computer’s support which could correct any error or mistake. Good for the computer!


Why radio is the most ideal for you?


I worked for a long time on Armenian television, but the radio is ideal for me because it is difficult and you have to learn, to create new things all the time.


What kind of voice should have the radio or television host?


Unfortunately, today the employers don’t usually take into account the quality of the host’s voice. If the employees are educated, their voice is not a big problem. However, if there is neither voice, nor education, it is unforgivable. Compared to the television, where the mistakes can be asimulated through a smile or movement, the radio is more severe in this regard. It doesn’t forgive the slightest mistake.


What kind of programs does need the Armenian radio?


Programs which could convey knowledge, educating the society. The radio is more useful than TV in this case. The television has become dangerous, becuase it has no measure, limit. It doesn’t think even about kids. The freedom of speech should not be vulgarized.


Which is the key of success?


I think there is no key. We all have our own vocation. We just have to findand cultivate it. In this way we can become successful. Unfortunately, there are people who choose the wrong path and complain all the time, sayingthat they cannot find any job so on. The human being must be able to make sacrifices.The nature gave to each person numerous skills and we only have to develop them. For example, my vocation is the radio and the speech art. Who said I must be a minister? Through any job we can earn money, why not?!


What does the destiny depend on?


The destiny depends on us, it is in our hands.


If you hadn’t beena presenter, what else would you have chosen?


With my emotions I could have become a good violinist. I feel how I play it inside of me..But I do not know why..


Is it too late to try it?


It would be unserious. My vocation is the art of speech.


What would you advise young artists?


I advise them to make sacrifices, because only devotion can make a person happy.




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