“The start is always hard, then you go easily”, says the Hollywood’s actor, Marco Khan.

Marco Khan (Marco Khanlian), an actor of Armenian origin, was born on March 27. Khan was born in Tehran, his father was an opera singer and sang in Persia. However, he had to leave the art of singing in order he could  take care of  his family. So, he began to make many things from the animal leather, and most of his customers were from the Persian king’s courtiers. Marco and his brother, Aleko, left Iran at age 11 in pursuit of higher education, schooling in Italy and then in California. At age 17, Marco picked up English and assumed the responsibility as the caretaker for his entire family. Marco enjoyed as a Professional Athlete in Football and American football. After his father died, he decided to pursue his passion of becoming an actor. So, he became a successful actor in comedy, action and drama in Hollywood. Despite his “tough guy” appearance, his is an honest person, and a great father. His philosophy is “Never Give Up”, and he believes that everything happens for a reason. Marco Khan is married with Heather Blair Khan and has a son – Alekzander. In 2008 Marco Khan has been awarded for the best actor of the second plan category at the “Arpa” film festival. Marco Khan’s the most popular role was the “10 000 BC” film where he was a one-eye bandit. In 2006 he starred in the first part of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film as a Turkish Guard, in “The Curse of the Black Pearl” film he was a bandit, too. He also embodied very vivid characters in the “Iron Man”, “Women of the Night”, “Pitbul”, “Sinbad’s fifth journey” , “The Grind”, “One Night with You”, “Ghost Hunter”, “The Champ”, “Click”, “Hollywood Kills”, “American Fusion”, “Pit Fighter”,  “September Tapes”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “ The Curse of the Black Pearl”, “In the Wrong Hands”,  “Minutes”,  “Crossfire”, “American Tigers”, etc..  But in the”Las Vegas” and “Columbo” serials as well. Marco is involved in the dissemination of the Christianity in Armenia and Vardanants war on Roger Kupelian’s “From Byzantium to the East” historical epic’s filming.

Marco Khan basically embodies negative characters, but let’s see what kind of person he is in the real life.

Dear Marco, we know that your father was a singer. Did he want you to become a singer, too?

Yes, he did. But now, as you see, I am an actor.

Do you sing well?

I do, but I usually sing in the car or at the bath time. My voice sounds better then (smiles).

Where did you study the art of acting?

I studied the acting from the different teachers, but the most important lesson, practice was at the time of filming.

How did you appear in the first film?

I appeared in the movies thanks to my face (rough figure for Hollywood), since there weren’t many western faces at that time.

What kind of roles have you been offered?

I generally have played as an Arab, Russian, Chechen, Bulgarian, Romanian, Czechoslovak, Italian and Mexican.

And Armenian roles?

Unfortunately not.

Why exactly “tough guy” roles?

At first I thought I would be like Tom Cruise, but I was wrong. In Hollywood generally the people are seen in one way. That is the actor should know how and in what characters the Hollywood would see him.

Does the “tough guy” image influence in your real life?

The people are often afraid of me, but I approach them and smile. Generally, people are nice to me.

But doesn’t it sound like a trade, humiliating a man?

I don’t think so. It is a business, too.

Which actors have you played with?

For me was a pleasure to play with Omar Sharif. I also starred with Eric Roberts, Peter Falk and others.

Have you ever had the desire to create dramatic roles as well?

Maybe, but not now, since I play different interesting roles. In the same time we are sent to many beautiful countries for vacations.

Why Marco Khan? Does your Armenian surname bother in an actor’s career?

I had a Jewish teacher who said to shorten my surname in order I could play in many different roles in Hollywood, not just Armenian characters. That’s the main reason.

That means it is hard for an Armenian to reinvent in Hollywood?!

The start is always hard, then you go easily, if you know how to show up yourself.

Recently there have been made many attempts, efforts by the Consulate of Armenia in Los Angeles to unite the Armenian film directors, actors and producers in Hollywood to cooperate and protect their general interests. So, as we know, there are many influential and talented Armenian filmmakers, directors, producers and actors in Hollywood.  Do they communicate or support each other?

Not often. Maybe there is a fear which forces them to not help each other..  But they have the capacity to. Besides, our history should make us stronger.

Have you ever been to Armenia?

No, I’ve never been there, but I would like to go and work with the talented actors from Yerevan.

Hope someday you’ll star in Armenian films, too. So, we wish you success in your career.

Elena Ciobanyan


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